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Myriam Brenner

Myriam's strength is working with people, regardless of their age, offering them the support that they need in order to be the best version of themselves that they can be.

She enjoys the challenge of solving different problems in a practical hands-on way. Her background in business and law has given her the ability and tools to adapt to different work environments and demands.

In her spare time, she loves spending time with her family, especially in nature, walking, biking, reading and never says no to a delicious meal with friends. Connecting with people and nature is what energizes her.

Myriam's motto is "there is always a solution."

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Caline Schneider

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Caline is known in her community for "Getting Stuff Done". She will always use the strength of her proven skills and knowledge to identify a problem, break it down into manageable chunks, problem solve and  reach a solution.

She brings a background in Human Resources Management, Volunteer Management and  knowledge gained from her positions as both a Director and an Administrator of two different charities to the GSD4YOU leadership team.

In her spare time you will find her volunteering her time to a worthy cause, entertaining friends and family and reaching out to people making sure they feel connected.

Her love for Pilates keeps her grounded, making sure she does her best to find a work-life balance. Caline’s clients will tell you that she stands by the motto ” for every problem there is a solution”.


As Lifestyle Management facilitators, our mission is to enhance people’s lives by seeking solutions that will positively impact them and help them find more purpose and balance in their daily lives.


We become our clients' partners and personal advocates by championing a cause, and becoming the “go-to-person” for all needs and projects.


What differentiates us is our ability to connect with our clients, fostering long- lasting relationships, creating a sense of community and connection.


We understand that personal situations are always changing, so we strive to be flexible. Our approach will ensure that in consultation with you, we adapt to meet these changes as best we can.


We approach everything in life with kindness, empathy, care, discretion and detail. These values are the pillars of our business and the strength of our brand.


We earn our clients’ trust through following our core values of  honesty, respect and confidentiality.


We might not have all the answers at our fingertips, but we have the passion and perseverance to search and find them.

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