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Let us declutter your day and support you in all aspects of your daily life.

Our planning and service options will be designed with your input to help you achieve a balanced lifestyle.

Our goal is to help you free up your time as well as manage and organize your stresses by offering a judgement-free  support system. Your time is valuable, let us do it for you.


Allow us to take over your “To-Do” list so that you can focus on the big picture and grow your business. No task is too small or too big for our reliable and trustworthy team.

As an employer, expand your Employee Benefit package by gifting your employees some of our services. This will help your employees balance the demands of work and personal commitments leading to increased work productivity.


All Seniors deserve attention and care. Whether it’s helping a client navigate a healthcare need, advocating on one's behalf or helping a client find a comfortable and suitable environment to live in - we can do it!

We pride ourselves in helping our seniors maintain connections and we will check-in with them as needed.

Our goal is to ensure that they know there is always someone to rely on.

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Once a student has accepted a University offer, we can assist with the residence application and supplemental information that Universities require.

We can also advocate and help you navigate any extra assistance that may be needed to make your University experience the best that it can be.

Our goal is to have each student's individual needs met.

It’s better to be proactive than reactive!

Life never goes as planned and sometimes this can be overwhelming. Let us reduce your stress by stepping in on your behalf for on the spur-of the-moment projects.

We can also assist you in planning and executing any project, big or small.

Alternatively, we can take over and complete a project, according to your requirements.
We will do our best to achieve your goals and deliver your desired outcomes.


Escape to warmer climates and enjoy your time away care-free.

Let our premium home-watch service provide you peace of mind. 

Relax more, stress less and hear from us as often as you request.


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The loss of a loved one is overwhelming in so many ways. 

When someone has passed away the task of clearing their home can feel unbearable.

One of the most difficult acts is determining what to do with a lifetime of personal belongings.  

When the time is right for you, our empathetic team will provide a kind, knowledgeable and efficient service to relieve you of the burden of having to pack things up or donate them.  

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When you or a loved one is faced with needing  to navigate the healthcare system to get the appropriate care and attention you require, use our skills to assist you in gathering all relevant information and solutions.

This will help you to make an informed decision and create a detailed plan to deal with a health related challenge.

GSD can save you time by reaching out to the relevant organizations or medical staff in an attempt to expedite the process.

Use our advocacy services to support you along your journey.

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