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When You Need Someone to Step in and



We are a healthcare/personal advocacy and lifestyle management business. Our mission is to enhance people’s lives by seeking solutions that will positively impact them and help them achieve their goals.

Get to know who we are and how we got here.


Don't sweat the small stuff or big stuff! Get time to enjoy the little things in life. Let us support you so that you can find balance in your personal, family and professional lives.


Are you time-stretched?

Whether you use our services occasionally, for a few hours per week or per month, for larger projects, or on a long-term basis, we can customize a plan that is exactly right for you. Reserve our time as yours.


GSD4YOU (Getting Stuff Done for You) is a lifestyle management organization facilitating work-life balance and personal advocacy. 


Created by Caline Schneider and Myriam Brenner, GSD4YOU's mission is to create a sense of support and connection for others. 


Our individual journeys are the inspiration behind our business. As active members of our communities, we recognize that many people do not have support networks which can lead to challenges in finding a balance between home, work and life in general. We decided to put together our 30+ years of experience in the business, not-for-profit, education and medical sectors to lend a helping hand to those who need support.


We will advocate on your behalf and help you navigate through daily challenges. Our hands-on and flexible approach allows us to obtain an understanding of a situation as a whole and to focus on resolving challenges and finding optimal solutions.


In line with our values, we approach all situations with care, kindness, empathy and attention to detail.


Let us help you reset your life and achieve a balance so that you can focus on the big picture and what brings you joy in life.



"In my capacity as a Registered Psychotherapist in Ontario, I have referred many clients to GSD4YOU services. These have included client advocacy in the medical, university and community areas. Each time the experience has been both successful in outcome and comforting on a personal level. The clients were treated with respect, sensitivity and dignity."

Registered Psychotherapist


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